Welcome to TheCaliCamp blog: We’re here for good times.

Hi I’m Dave, I run a surf camp in Southern California, and you’ll be hearing from me mostly. Yew!

Here’s a few fun facts to properly introduce myself and what this blog will be all about.

  • 32 years old
  • Owner-Operator of TheCaliCamp. A surf camp for travelers in California.
  • Enjoys surfing, chilling, surfing, and then chilling again. Play guitar, have great friends.
  • Coffee is king.
  • Beers on a hot day hit the spot. Have a taco with that beer.
  • Thankful to have been born in a place with great weather, year round surf, and basically all types of fun stuff to do.
  • Newbie blogger. Be easy on me,

But this blog isn’t actually about me. I’ll just be the one who you’ll be hearing from most of the time. Unless someone wants to come in with the goods. If you’re still reading, we may have a chance here. We’ll be sharing with you some funny stories, surf updates and photos from our zone, local California tips, and some insights into all of the things we do on any given day. Our surf camps slogan is “Surfing With Friends”, which is what we do on a daily basis. All of our guests stay for a week or more at the hotel where the surf guides pick them up for day trips and lessons. Surfing, chilling, making friends, eating great meals, being great surf guides, teaching / helping people improve their surfing is what we’re all about. All while showing everyone our slice of home. Southern California. We love it and it looks like our guests do to. I read our TripAdvisor reviews a lot to always be reminded of how to do this right. So many memories and so many great people. We just thought it would be nice to have a place to share these crazy, awesome, fun, beautiful and downright weird moments. So here goes nothing. I’m a blogger now haha.

What are we actually doing here?

So this was actually an idea of a past guest, friend, and world class writer Michelle Margarita. Michelle visited our surf camp a few years back and wrote an article that ended up as a 2 page spread in Elle Magazine. We’re really not readers of Elle, personally, but it turns out a lot of other people are so that worked out well for us.

Anyways, fast forward a few years from our 15 minutes of women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine fame. TheCaliCamp has hosted over 1,000 international guests from more than 25 countries. It’s been epic to say the least. New Years Day 2018, I woke up to some really interesting messages. A few people checking in on me to see if I survived the night (I was at a hectic event and my snapchats were weird haha. My best friend is a famous dj and you’ll meet him later) But actually it was people from all around the world, including many past guests in our surf camp, congratulating me as a Californian on legalized marijuana haha. Typical cliche surfers. But actually, I was like, wow this is pretty epic. People are stoked on it. I guess it was pretty big news around the world. Honestly I was just glad Trump hadn’t done anything bat shit crazy at his new years bash. So this was better than that.

So it was January (pre-season in the surf camp biz), we were looking for new marketing/media ideas for 2018; I was like “Hey Daniel..” (my partner/ Co-founder of TheCaliCamp) “Let’s write an article on California Surf Travel and Legal Cannabis” <—- Next post hint : ) ….. So I write this thing and send it to my friend Michelle, she loves it, writes a 3 page essay back to me on why I should have a blog. I respond with kind thanks. Proceed to tell Daniel I’m “thinking” about a blog for TheCaliCamp, 24 hours later, Dan’s sending me the link to our new blog.

So…. That’s pretty much how these things are going to go here haha. It’s gonna stay real, it will go fast, these are just our opinions, we love you for reading, and for following TheCaliCamp. It’s about to get loose in here.

TheCaliCamp blog. We are on.

Cheers — Dave


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