California, Cannabis, and the Traveler: What does it mean for you as a tourist?

It was the morning of January 1, 2018. Having just spent a night doing my best to destroy my eardrums and other body parts courtesy of the backstage pass to OMFG NYE Festival in San Diego (Thanks Jinco!) Lets just say I was feeling a little weird. Quick glance at my phone that morning, and I knew something was up. Old friends from around the world and past guests in our surf camp, TheCaliCamp, were writing in from all corners of the planet. Through crossed eyes I figured out what was going on: California’s legalization of marijuana was world wide news.

Cannabis curious surfers from around the globe wanted to know what the deal was. Where they could buy it, smoke it, carry it, score the stuff the rappers talk about etc. Having operated the surf camp right in the heart of Southern California since 2013, our specialty is in finding waves, good times, and occasionally fulfilling some odd requests. So naturally, this was right up our alley. People have been drinking beers to end surf days from day 1, and now it appears the taboo surrounding pot, existing from the beginning of time, just all of the sudden, vanished. So, it’s 2018, weed is legal in California for anybody interested, and we’re about to tell you how it works. Let’s not make it weird.

Who can smoke and carry cannabis products:

Any adult ages 21+ with valid identification. (18+ w/ medical recommendation)

What does legal cannabis mean for the international traveler:

Treat it exactly the same as you would alcohol. Don’t drive, operate machinery etc while under the influence. Don’t become publicly intoxicated. Be cool bro, get an uber. And certainly, don’t take it home as a souvenir or cross any state lines. Most states bordering California also have legal cannabis, but the idea is for you to buy it there, and not bring it in with you.

When / Where can you use Cannabis:

It’s probably not a morning activity (for most), but there is no restriction on when it is legal to get a little irie. As for where: Just like alcohol, public use is not allowed. You can be cited by the police for this, which is why in a home, hotel that allows it, or “420 friendly” Air bnb’s are the only places as of now to indulge. There are in fact, a few designated smoking lounges but only operate at night or on special event dates. Most vacation rentals here will tell you straight away what their policy on cannabis is.

Where Can I Buy It:

Licensed Dispensaries and delivery services can be found in cities where they have allowed cannabis businesses to operate. To name a few: (Los Angeles, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Orange County, Costa Mesa, San Diego) If there is not a storefront in your city, there are also various delivery services. is the answer to your cannabis dreams with every licensed delivery service and store front listed in your area. Yep, you’ve got it right, there’s an app for this stuff. Enter your location and all the best stuff finds you. Don’t buy it from a guy on the street, beach or skatepark. This could get awkward. 


We’re not saying you should, we’re not saying you shouldn’t. If it’s not your thing, no worries. You won’t find smoke filled streets or peer pressure anywhere and especially not at our surf camp. Our vibes are too good for all that noise. We’re saying be safe, respect the new laws, and enjoy the best marijuana this side of the Milky Way Galaxy if you’d like. Come on over for a visit, catch a few waves, have a joint and enjoy the life us here in California love to share. And remember, you can always smoke more, but you can never smoke less. Blaze it responsibly my friends!

Written By: Dave / January 2018


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