Who is Regan?: Surf Camp Manager and a Seriously Cool Guy.

We sat down with Mr. Worldwide, aka Mr. Bentz, aka Reggie Rigz, and aka a lot of other nicknames. Regan Bentz / Manager at TheCaliCamp. Regan has been with TheCaliCamp going on 4 years. Summer of 2017 he took on the role as camp manager. We sat down to find out who is this dude? How’d he get so many nicknames? And what does the future hold for such a guy? Enjoy.

D: So Regan, thanks for being here. The people have spoken and it looks like you’re the man we need to know. I’ve promised the readers the truth and I have some tough questions for you. I’m going to need honesty, and please Regan, speak from the heart. Showing emotions are ok. We’re all just humans here.  Are you ready to get into this?

R: hahahaha yea man lets do this.

D: So how old were you when you lost your virginity?

R: hahahahahahahahhahaaaaaa

D: lol We’ll move on. Let’s go easy. You just got back from a pretty serious surf trip during the camps off season. 2 months between Australia and Indonesia. How was that?

R: So good. I really loved Australia and got to meet up with some great friends who are from out there. They’re the ultimate locals of this tiny town way south of Perth. So, cruising around with them made life great. So many waves and cool people. Then went up to Bali, traveled Lombok, went to the Gilli Islands and yea, got some really fun waves.

D: Rumors are that you nearly ended up in prison in Bali?

R: lol, Yea It happened twice! Something about not having an international driver’s license. But it turned out all good. I was just trying to ride my scooter. No worries.

D: Nice. Sounds like you pulled some gangster moves. So how did you get involved with TheCaliCamp?

R: haha you know it. I was 19 and there was a massive summer swell (Hurricane Marie Swell) And Doheny, the wave close to the hotel was on some, like, never seen before type of day. Was double overhead + waves running for like half a mile or something. Was crazy, super big and super perfect. There was a small group including myself sitting in a weird spot behind this rock boil pretty deep in the takeoff spot. You, (Dave) were one of those guys surfing that peak, and we ended up chatting in the parking lot. There was a spot open to work as a surf guide at the time, and I was stoked on the offer. Went home pretty amped on that day actually haha. Perfect surf and a new job. I was working at a pizza place so this sounded better. But yo, much respect to Selmas.

D: Oh the memories (wipes tear from eye). What are you excited for going into this year?

R: Ya know, probably all the good waves haha. Surf guiding is such a sick job. You’re hanging with cool people,  you go surfing, eat and chill. We get a lot of beginners, so sometimes on the big days you have to make sure you get the job done with the guests before you get yours. But even if I can sneak out for a few I’m stoked to see all the best days of surfing. Because it’s literally my job to be there.

D: You took on some new roles last summer. How was that?

R: It was rad. We had a bunch of new surf guides last summer and it was cool to teach the crew how things are supposed to go, help them decide where to go surf, activities and things like that. Every morning we have a group text that goes between all of us about our surf groups for the day and then talk about where the best waves are for everyone’s guests. Then we just communicate with each other that way all day. It’s fun to keep it like this last minute kind of planning. Because everyday is a new day ,and that’s just surfing. You gotta find it when it’s happening.

D: Amen. Good times.

R: Word.

D: So what’s the outlook for you as a surf guide?

R: Surf guiding is super fun. It definitely will take a toll on the body. I’m not sure anyone in the world surfs as much as a surf guide does. Beautiful problem, but I’m stoked to grow with the camp and take on new roles eventually outside of guiding day to day. I took a tax course last year so like, today, I’m taking care of some tax things for the surf guides. Who knew haha but yea, managing the schedule and guides, and being successful with things, having to do with the camp has been fun. I love hanging with the guests and just look forward to doing more every year. For now I’m cruising and have figured out how to take care of myself, stay fit, and happy. Life’s good.

D: Epic. Ok, so we’re gonna send it off with 2 questions we’re calling the rapid round. I was thinking about giving you maximum 3 seconds to answer Yes or No. But I think that’s too long. So we’re going to go with 1.5 seconds. Sounds good?

R: LOL fire away.

D: Word. Lets go:

  • You’ve been kicked off of an airplane?

R: Yes lol. I went through a phase where I was really passionate about not wearing shoes. The pilot asked me to get off the plane once I was already on haha. Something about it being a health hazard. I’m wearing shoes right now.

  • You are a true Tinder master. A ranking veteran of the platform?

R: haha no. (It later came out Regan had 74 tinder notifications. Not even kidding)

D: Well thank you Regan, the people appreciate this!  We’re just going to go ahead and end it right there. Oh yea, how did you get so many nicknames?

R: Yea that’s probably a good idea haha. Thanks Dave. And you gave me most of them! 

D: haha yea I did, didn’t I : ). Cheers Regz



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