The Surfers Mafia: California Coastal Commission (This is a GOOD thing)

By now we’re all familiar with, at least 1, of the thousands of groups dedicated to clean oceans and beaches.

Naming a few: Surfrider Foundation, Maui Ola Foundation, Clean Uluwatu Project and the most entertaining, (just my opinion) those environmental minded pirates on the Sea Sheperd’s. Good stuff. Too many great ones to mention but we love them all.

Now get ready to meet the biggest, baddest original gangsters in the game. Straight out the west coast…

The California Coastal Commission (The CCC)

Why are they so cool to have around?:

  • Founded in 1972 by the people for the people  ←-(hippies)
  • Created via Prop20, passed in San Francisco, when a bunch of angry locals spotted a real estate developer that didn’t give a hoot about the environment.
  • 46 years later and they’re 125 employees strong and running it from the northern to southern border.
  • Oversees safe and ocean minded development practices, all things ocean/beach cleanliness, and much more.
  • They have set the world standard for coastal conservation, clean development, and operational practices. (sewage, material/trash disposal etc)
  • They can impose fines on those who break the rules and it is not cheap when you find trouble with the CCC.

The Chicago Mob would be proud of the Coastal Commission’s ability to collect.

Since 2013 our guests at TheCaliCamp are always taking notice of how clean our beaches and ocean water is. Ear infections, stomach sickness, and things of that nature are extremely rare here. There is no “Cali Belly”.

Here’s why:

These people are not playing around:

What the CCC does, is strike the absolute fear into anyone thinking of building or operating something within their territories. And it’s not a money thing, they have plenty of that. What they want is to make sure that coastal developments are not polluting our beaches and ocean water. Since founded, they have developed the strictest and highest standards of coastal conservation on earth.

So how do they make their money? First off, a cool $17 million in California state funding direct from the taxpayer. But that’s peanuts. Having grown so large, they now have local agencies certified as the oversight authority within cities and counties.

Yep, that’s right: Think of the local agents like ocean minded street gangs with government power.

These watchdogs have 1 job:  Find businesses/developers/people/ and whole cities that are polluting and ruining our beaches and oceans. They’ll impose large fines and even shut down projects on those in question until they either fix the problem, or run out of money. Heavy stuff. But at least we are weeding out the trash. No pun intended, but only humans interested in meeting the coastal commission’s standards should be here anyways.

So there you have it.

For those of you who have been here and noticed how clean it is, now you know why. And for those of you who haven’t been here, come check it out. California is a place with many millions living here. It is shockingly clean at the beaches and in the water. Thanks to the California Coastal Commission.

Thanks for reading.

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