About Last Week: Surfing and Hollywood

This weeks post… Is all about last week. Because not only did the surf unexpectedly PUMP for us but it was technically our opening week of the year that was capped off with one of the most legendary Hollywood nights we can vaguely remember.

Sooo..we’re back. As said before before this blog is nothing but the best and boy oh boy do we have some material to share haha. If you read the whole thing you’ll be gifted with some of the most legendary Regan footage to ever surface… Seriously.

We had amazing guests from around the world back in town for surfing, chilling, and good times.

As promised TheCaliCamp delivered. 2018, if you’re anything like our opening week… We love you already. Here’s what went down:

  • Monday fun surf in N. San Diego despite poor weather forecast.
  • Tuesday 5 time returning guest, Laura is absolutely shredding. She’s getting good!
  • Wednesday: Morning surf at Sano and Venice Beach for the afternoon to pickup Raphaelle from France. Cruised around Venice and had a great afternoon.

Thursday and Friday were met with super fun surf and great conditions. Light winds and an unexpected bump in the swell and we were game on!

Here’s some pics from Thursday and Fridays super sessions:

And now what we’ve allllllll been waiting for. What happened Friday night hahaha…

So our good friends Henry Fong and Jinco are touring California surfing, chilling, and playing shows up and down the coast. We caught up with them on their “Cowabunga Cali Coast Tour” in LA/Hollwood and just gonna say it was epic. Here’s a run down:

  • 10 pm Dinner and Drinks in Hollywood with the squad pre-show
  • 11 pm everyone all access to AVALON Nightclub. That’s how we do.
  • 11:30-12:30 Jinco throws down. Crowd goes wild, it’s getting good.
  • 12:30-2 Henry Fong goes off.
  • Somewhere around 1:45 Regan is leading a 50 person dance circle in the middle of the club. Mind=BLOWN
  • He’s a mysteriously responsible fellow for what you might have seen or heard… and PS… Mark Wahlberg never did see the tag in the photo. Bummer.

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