Summer 2018 at TheCaliCamp: What To Expect.

Happy Spring Friends!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the sunshine and turn around in the weather. It’s good! So great to see so many people from past years planning to be here again this season.

We love that stuff. And of course always a pleasure helping people make the decision to visit California and stay at TheCaliCamp. Such a fun time of year and thought we’d let you know what’s up, what’s been happening, and what to expect while you’re here.

Here’s a taste of what you can all expect with us this summer!

First, here’s what is included during your stay:

  • Airport Transfer to Dana Point
  • Hotel Accommodation (queen sized bed)
  • Breakfast of Pastries, Cereal, Yogurt, Fruit Coffee, and Tea Daily
  • Free Wifi
  • Equipment (wetsuits, surfboards, leashes)
  • Transport to and from Hotel to Surf Spots
  • Surf Guiding twice daily (Monday-Friday)
  • Saturday beach/city transportation
  • Summer: Surf Guiding twice daily (Monday-Friday)
  • Winter: Surf Guiding twice daily if possible. One minimum. (Monday-Friday)

We leave the surf equipment with you so you can go on your own if you’d like.


  • Basic Surf Training: $99 (Every Monday)
  • Equipment Insurance: $40 / 21 days
  • Airport drop-off (LAX – Los Angeles, San Diego): $89
  • Transfer to and from Hollywood / Venice Beach $50

TheCaliCamp Experience:

  • The hotel is located Dana Point (The OC) where the surf guiding leaves from daily Monday-Friday. Rooms are comfortable and cleaned daily. People are loving the brand new mattresses! Perfect for a good nights sleep after long days in the sun and in the water.
  • Once our drivers pick you up at the airport or designated pickup spot they’ll bring you down to the hotel. We host up to 20 guests at 1 time, however, go in surf groups of 4-5 maximum/guide/vehicle. This way you are surfing at the right level and getting the best waves for you. Wherever it may be on any given day between San Diego, OC, and LA
  • Have surf experience? Don’t have any at all? NO WORRIES! California is such a good place to learn or improve. Friendly waves, mild weather and easy access to hundreds of spots make it the perfect place. The surf guides will lead the way and be right there in the water to offer tips, advice, high fives and good times. Safety and helping guests improve their surfing are the top priorities.
  • A day at our surf camp should feel more like cruising the coast between OC, San Diego, and Los Angeles, with friends, and finding the best waves for you.
  • When we’re not surfing we’re hanging in town wherever we are that day. Good food, good people, and good times is a daily thing.
Summer In California:
  • Is epic.
  • Weather warm, sand on the feet. Living the life cruising the coast.
  • Events daily. (Sports, Music, Leisure)
  • Perfect surf conditions.
  • The best sun tan of your life.
  • Hollywood
  • San Diego
  • The OC
  • US OPEN of Surfing
  • Street fairs and bbqs
  • Too much to list but you get the point
  • See you when you get here.
  • We have a lot of fun.
Surf Guides:

Every year we are getting better and discovering new things! Going into our 6th season, it’s safe to say the the guests love what we do. Which is beautiful to us because all we are doing is all of the things we love. Crazy and awesome without a doubt. Surf guiding is not a common job here in California and our squad, including legends like Regan, Rhys, Josh, and Riley… If you’ve met any of these guys I’d bet your still friends. Such good people, surf fanatics, and truly appreciative for the lifestyle we have. They pay it back daily by offering amazing surf sessions, fun conversations, and some of the most entertaining car rides imaginable. Be ready to have lifelong California surf friends. Our guys are loving life and can’t wait to show you our home. Regan is officially running the days and we have had nothing but amazing feedback. This dude gets it. And is constantly on the lookout for how to improve every second of every day. Truly your best friend in California if you’re looking for a good time.

TripAdvisor Reviews:
  • Trump DOES NOT meet you at the airport. WE DO! And here’s what what happens next according to TRIP ADVISOR and our guests: Tripadvisor Reviews
Who Stays At TheCaliCamp:
  • Average ages range between 18-35.
  • Our guests come from all over the world. Expect to make a lot of new friends and learn words from many different languages during your stay. (Fun game: Cocktails and language class : ))
  • Not so confident in English? NO PROBLEM! We’re here to help!
  • Backpackers / Couples /  Students / Young Adults /  Professionals.
  • People looking to stay out of the normal “tours” and dive into the real life of Southern California.
  • Beginner – Intermediate surfers looking to enjoy the west coast surf lifestyle, learn a new sport, and make new friends.
  • Bada Bing Bada Boom

Cruise in Style. American Style. That’s What’s Up:

If you’ve stayed with us you already know what we’re about to talk about and you may be thinking back to cruising the coast in our fleet of Ford Expeditions. Big, American SUV’s are your chariot. No big surf camp stickers on them, no giant tour bus, and good personal times starting first thing daily. Hop in the trucks and get it on!

Even though we can host up to 20 guests, our surf groups go in sizes of 4-5 guest maximum per car (Our vehicles hold 7) This way it’s not just comfortable, but is truly “Surfing with Friends” And not “Surfing like a class of 20 students and being annoying.”

No bright surf school jerseys, flags on the beach, and we do not blow whistles at you hahah.. We literally don’t even wear watches. Time doesn’t matter to us. Having a really good time matters. So let’s do it California style in some safe rides with good people.

Wrap Up:

TheCaliCamp is literally my favorite thing in the world to talk about and I could go on and on … and on and onnnnnnn but I’ll just cut it here. We love you for considering our surf camp and would do anything to make it worth your while to give us a shot.

We’ve hosted more than 1,000 guests from over 25 countries since 2013 and still charging!

So if there’s anything you’d like to know please just ask! Myself (Dave) and Daniel are absolutely ready to help and provide a smooth and friendly booking process.

Get excited my friends.

Summer 2018 is looking GOOOOOOOD! Grab your spot today!



For Contact:

USA: [email protected]

Europe: [email protected]

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